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ATC provides a good platform for players interested in tennis. We coach adults & kids from a beginner to intermediate skill level.

Claim your $100 AUD Active Kids voucher today and enroll your child for Tennis lessons with Active Tennis Centre.

Active Kids : Frequently Asked Questions

This coach is qualified and insured to deliver group & squad lesson based tennis drills, games & activities to adults, juniors & kids of a beginner to intermediate playing ability.

Group session based Tennis Drills, Games & Activities to Adults, Juniors & Kids of a Beginner to Intermediate playing ability.

Fundamental teaching of the ground strokes and volley mechanics including knowledge of the tennis grips.

Graduate Professional Tennis Coach

Class Schedule

Classes focus on improving your agility & skill in the game. As you gain more skills, we include rally & games to play independently.

Classes are booked monthly and a group will constitute of 6 to 8 individuals. Get in Touch & express your interest for an adult tennis coaching session. If you are a parent; express your interest with enrolling your child for tennis coaching.

Track your progress!

Sign-up to our homeportal and track your progress online.

Modified Tennis for kids

The ATPCA Hot Hits program uses a system of modified courts, nets, racquets and balls enabling a progressive pathway of junior coaching from 4 years of age onwards.

Hot Hits scales the game down with reduced court sizes and set scoring so as to enhance the learning process and makes the game more fun.

Learning efficient footwork, movement & balance is facilitated on a smaller court. The now readily available slower balls are designed to bounce lower (and move through the air slower) to suit the height of the young players

What is Active Kids?

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher valued up to $100 per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

The voucher can be used with Active Tennis Centre for registration, participation for Tennis lessons. The voucher can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued.

Apply for an Active Kids voucher with Service NSW, to redeem the voucher with Active Tennis Centre, email voucher to

The program runs year-round, so kids can get active at any time!

Red balls

These are oversized balls with 25 per cent compression.

  • ideal for beginners and kids under eight.

Orange balls

These are normal sized tennis balls, however have 50 per cent compression.

  • ideal for older participants aged between eight and ten.

Green balls

These are normal-sized green balls with 75 per cent compression.

  • ideal for older participants aged between nine and twelve

Yellow balls

The regular yellow balls are 100 per cent compression so bounce higher,

  • ideal for ages greater than thirteen years.

Tennis @ Wentworthville

60, Fullagar Road, Wentworthville

Tennis @ Mays Hill

11 Napier St , Mays Hill NSW 2145

Tennis @ Wentworthville

Wentworth Avenue Apartments

Social Tennis

Limited number of players only! Get In Touch to express your interest & we will contact you.

Are you looking to play social tennis? If yes, we can combine you with similar level of players for playing doubles tennis.

Contact us if you are you within a beginner to intermediate playing ability.

  • New Tennis balls for play.
  • Good variety of game (Doubles, Singles, Mixed doubles)
  • Coach feedback upon request.